2011-11-03 00:02:33 by JOYCOT


We're proud to publish our second JOYCOT Team Flash movie. Once again, animated by NinJaco, we bring you SWEET GRIM, submitted to Newgrounds last Halloween. We ended exhausted to publish it before the deadline, that's why we haven't done any official blog entry before. We started making the movie just after Madness Day's results and it turned out to be a 4 minutes long animation. We tried to improve several issues "The Magician" has.

Probably, we will animate something for Christmas due to public demand, and after that, Jaco will most probably already have his Cintiq ready, so we will start developing a game. Hope you'll enjoy the movie.


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2011-11-06 15:25:17

I love your animation style


2011-11-23 23:17:13

im not kidding man. i loved that one. sweet grim. i dont normally favorite animations, but this was outstanding. please make more. i love you.


2011-11-26 17:17:01

loved the madness flash!