The Magician

2011-09-22 15:19:41 by JOYCOT

Today is an important date for us. It's the first time we had been able to finish a project and publish it before it's deadline. As we said on Twitter few weeks ago, we had been working on a Flash animation to participate on Madness Day from Newgrounds. Although is not a game as many are still waiting, we can ensure it has quality.

The Magician has been totally animated by our artist NinJaco and directed and produced by our programmer Sonucais. CrisFox has also collaborated with some backgrounds. You can check the rest of the credits at the end of the movie. This sudden change from develope several games to decide start the film is due to we really need a Cintiq for Jaco to draw faster at a commercial game quality, since it's tablet started to fail lately.

Any help spreading about The Magician would help us a lot! We hope you'll enjoy the short as much as we making it! By the way, we have hidden few Easter Eggs!


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2011-09-22 15:20:33

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