God Help Me!

2011-06-25 22:22:41 by JOYCOT


Boy, it has been a long time since our last update. Everyone knows about how fatal are last months of college but that was excessive. Lucky we're now finally back for an intense summer! It's sad but we can't provide such a big update from this last quarter but small details. Some songs have been recomposed with a better rhythm. I'm attaching the new "Crab Pincers and Surf" doodle, however, still needs some fixes. I'm also sharing a bit from the HUD. In other hands, we made some more enemy doodles. Who wants to see again the particle effect we shared on Twitter months ago? Here's the link.

We're also interested in Microsoft XNA. We have already tried some stuff, specially with Robin Debreuil's SWF2XNA, but no luck at all so far. Problem is we need to jump from ActionScript and learn some C# if we want to make an XBOX360 port someday, doesn't look hard at all but it is important to learn the basics. The blog has some minimal changes such shareaholic. That's all... by the way, JOYCOT Games is now 2 years old.


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2011-06-25 22:27:25

Well good for you friend!