Turning the toast

2011-03-20 22:29:09 by JOYCOT


It took us a long quarter to start with anew blog entry. As always happens, we finally write something in there. You can easily notice the blog is now also available for Spanish people. We must remind our readers that English is not out native language but Spanish. We'll try to update regularly without writing too many news on one same entry.

Lately, we had been working hard with MoonGold and I'll dare to say if we keep working like this the game will be finished at the end of the year without any problem. You cannot image how our engine improved within the limits of ActionScript 2.0. On the other hand, I would like to announce that our Facebook is finally receiving updates directly from Twitter and we made a forum under construction we do not plan to open up for months. MoonGold will be available in 6 languages: German, French, Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese.


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