New engines and upcoming site

2010-11-29 16:54:09 by JOYCOT

First of, I would like to apologize for the huge lack of attention to our blog. It has been a couple of busy weeks for the team, however, we had never forgot about JOYCOT. During the last month we started developing a couple of new engines, I could mention a platformer and graphic adventure game so far. Thanks to this we can not only keep working with MoonGold (which it gets boring work continuously on such a huge project). I could hint we could use the platformer engine next months since it's the most developed from those. Furthermore, we fixed several performance problems from MoonGold and coded some pretty much all bullets stuff. It's just about time and dedication finish with that game.

JOYCOT's site is being built right now. We made some good design despite it's simplicity, we just need to build it to make it out home page. We have planned a monthly comic, our games and forum among others. Right now we're working on the design of our logo.


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