New widget... Oh my mistake!

2010-10-27 19:24:24 by JOYCOT

Hey fellas, we're back writing a new entry today. We worked on that new Kazami clock widget you can actually see in the sidebar, it's nice isn't it? It basically tells your current machine time and walks randomly with some funny faces (it distracted me several times while writing this entry). A better version will be uploaded when it's completely done and we will probably make it also downloadable for anyone who would like to use it. We also recorded how the sprites were done this time, check out the video.

I'll like to remind Kazami Chichinabo is actually JOYCOT's mascot and main character of MoonGold, the game we're currently working on. In other hand, we had been on deviantART "begging" for points. Sounds wrong but it's because we want make an art contest to have some fanart and spread the word about the game when it comes out. It will be a great chance to giveaway some subscription and games. We had also started making sketches of our future website which includes some interesting sections. Currently, we're reorganizing from the beginning every MoonGold file... We're pretty disordered (main fault why is taking this game so much).


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