Twenty days later...

2010-10-08 20:33:35 by JOYCOT

It has been three weeks since our last entry was published. Team has been working trying out new kind of game styles. These prototypes are simple, dirty made and full of glitches... We tried to make a similar copy of "Hang-On" by SEGA and "Burger Time" by Data East, however, now I'm absolutely sure these kind of games are actually possible in Flash with effort (specially with Hang-On). JOYCOT has just been making Shot 'em Up games for the last two years, all our games were just pretty simple tests. We made several changes to the blog, we had finally updated our favicon and header... It was about time! A new Formspring account has been also created, you can ask us quick questions with their widget itself we recently added. Finally we decided to place the categories widget to the sidebar once again. This weekend we plan to replace the MikuClock with something original featured by Kazami and few cats. Who knows, our featured video may also change for something that is actually ours soon.

Today I'm going to show you the first actual boss we had ever designed for MoonGold. It's a female octopus that resides inside a conch. We haven't named her yet. You're supposed to defeat her at the first level, second phase (underwater). We can't provide much information about it since she has not been implanted in-game yet but we plan to add 5 skills to her. Just take a look to some of these while we work on it.


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