Busy for Our Own Good

2010-09-20 15:47:29 by JOYCOT

I'm going to be sincere, we haven't updated anything recently because we're having some troubles to work with the game. Don't worry about it, not a big deal! It's taking us just some more days... College started, Cris has moved to another city, so let him finish his removal. He has promised to work a couple of hours weekly, so should not be a problem. In other hand, since MoonGold's sprites are taking forever, I may also think about making another game on my free times, not much info to talk about it, small solo-project. Let me first try code something new, I had never been good doing platforms and gravity for some reason.

Today we're sharing a full level background still in development as we said on Twitter. This is the very first zone from the first level, a beach. The background has three layers. Once you completed the first zone you dive underwater. "It stills needs islands and crazy stuff at the sand" says Cris. The length for this zone is approximately 3 minutes. We expect to update with good news sometime soon.

So it's true there are spies around

2010-09-20 15:41:30 by JOYCOT

We had added statistics at the sidebar. I'm actually surprised that we actually have some visitors and reads, Spam is really affective! Out of jokes, is actually a great amount for the few days we had been around. We also have bad news, no one seems to reply at the WordPress Support forums so I can't still make Comment Rating work, sorry. Besides all this, if you'll like to affiliate to JOYCOT Games, be sure to send an email to so we can talk about it.

Anyway, I'm sharing three of the very first music versions from some MIDIs I composed myself for MoonGold. I'm not really good at making digital music or remixes, however, I'm still have my own style at composing original catchy tunes. Remixing them is actually 3R2's work so are not in anyway any final versions. Making music is not easy at all, I had to remake several pieces already because I wasn't inspired at all... We have almost every music track already. Lucky 3R2 is way better at composing nowadays.

Finally done with the Design

2010-09-20 15:10:45 by JOYCOT

Well, well... It's finally done. It took us like a whole week to finally finish building this blog, however, still needs some CSS fixes, not a big deal. It will take some more time to realize how Comment Ratings works, it's not going to be easy fix that since it seems to skip the script for no reason but it's not going to be disabled at all. Everything works perfectly under Mozilla Firefox, almost perfect on Opera. So yeah, users will need to register previously to comment on our entries (sorry, it's all spammer's fault), but we made it easy and quick to make an account. Everything can be found at the Main Menu. The clock and the video will be changed as soon as we can. I wonder when does Feed Burner send emails... 7:00 pm GMT!

Since MoonGold has been paused for a month now we'll try to keep working on it soon. No idea what to share next time, probably something old, we still don't have much to say. Have a nice old boat.

Development Blog

2010-09-20 15:03:38 by JOYCOT

Welcome everyone who's reading our first entry. This is JOYCOT's founder and I'll like to do an introduction for everyone who is new here. I'll like to point that we're not a company (but we would like to believe so!), we're not experts writing or talking in English but we always do our best. As you may know, we like to make some quality Flash games on our free time.

JOYCOT (also known as 3guys1game or 3g1g project) was founded on May 15th 2009, with an small collaboration of a Newgrounds's event. We changed of name on Aug 2th 2010. Our current and first game is MoonGold, an arcade side-scrolling shooter (SHMUP), we had been working on it for a year now (somehow slow though). The purpose of this blog is to talk about the development of our games, share material about them and write news about JOYCOT itself. The blog is not finished yet, we would like to finish customizing it but we don't have enough knowledge about CSS but it's okay for now. We're using AllBlue theme, be sure to enjoy your stay. Here's a picture of Kazami, main character from MoonGold. - Sonucais (Aug 31th, 2010).