Our title "MoonGold: Flash Arcade Shoot 'Em Up" has stopped development some months ago now. This is not a farewell, more like a see you. The game will resume up again later, starting all over again using most of the material created to date. There are many reasons, one of them is the lack of time to work at the game art, another one because of the possible dissolution of our work team "3guys1game" organized at Po3. But never mind, we expect a much better result after this long pause.

Newgrounds Awards 2011

2012-04-05 08:27:54 by JOYCOT

Recently, our movie "SWEET GRIM" has been nominated for the Newgrounds 2011 Awards along with other 21 great movies from the Portal. It is a big surprise since we never tried get this far, it's a nice touch. We totally don't expect more from this and we already know there are way much better movies in the list, but we will be waiting for the results just like little girls. Go check the movie nominees at Newgrounds Wiki: 2011 Awards. We will keep you informed of any update about the awards.


2011-11-03 00:02:33 by JOYCOT

We're proud to publish our second JOYCOT Team Flash movie. Once again, animated by NinJaco, we bring you SWEET GRIM, submitted to Newgrounds last Halloween. We ended exhausted to publish it before the deadline, that's why we haven't done any official blog entry before. We started making the movie just after Madness Day's results and it turned out to be a 4 minutes long animation. We tried to improve several issues "The Magician" has.

Probably, we will animate something for Christmas due to public demand, and after that, Jaco will most probably already have his Cintiq ready, so we will start developing a game. Hope you'll enjoy the movie.

The Magician

2011-09-22 15:19:41 by JOYCOT

Today is an important date for us. It's the first time we had been able to finish a project and publish it before it's deadline. As we said on Twitter few weeks ago, we had been working on a Flash animation to participate on Madness Day from Newgrounds. Although is not a game as many are still waiting, we can ensure it has quality.

The Magician has been totally animated by our artist NinJaco and directed and produced by our programmer Sonucais. CrisFox has also collaborated with some backgrounds. You can check the rest of the credits at the end of the movie. This sudden change from develope several games to decide start the film is due to we really need a Cintiq for Jaco to draw faster at a commercial game quality, since it's tablet started to fail lately.

Any help spreading about The Magician would help us a lot! We hope you'll enjoy the short as much as we making it! By the way, we have hidden few Easter Eggs!

God Help Me!

2011-06-25 22:22:41 by JOYCOT

Boy, it has been a long time since our last update. Everyone knows about how fatal are last months of college but that was excessive. Lucky we're now finally back for an intense summer! It's sad but we can't provide such a big update from this last quarter but small details. Some songs have been recomposed with a better rhythm. I'm attaching the new "Crab Pincers and Surf" doodle, however, still needs some fixes. I'm also sharing a bit from the HUD. In other hands, we made some more enemy doodles. Who wants to see again the particle effect we shared on Twitter months ago? Here's the link.

We're also interested in Microsoft XNA. We have already tried some stuff, specially with Robin Debreuil's SWF2XNA, but no luck at all so far. Problem is we need to jump from ActionScript and learn some C# if we want to make an XBOX360 port someday, doesn't look hard at all but it is important to learn the basics. The blog has some minimal changes such shareaholic. That's all... by the way, JOYCOT Games is now 2 years old.

Turning the toast

2011-03-20 22:29:09 by JOYCOT

It took us a long quarter to start with anew blog entry. As always happens, we finally write something in there. You can easily notice the blog is now also available for Spanish people. We must remind our readers that English is not out native language but Spanish. We'll try to update regularly without writing too many news on one same entry.

Lately, we had been working hard with MoonGold and I'll dare to say if we keep working like this the game will be finished at the end of the year without any problem. You cannot image how our engine improved within the limits of ActionScript 2.0. On the other hand, I would like to announce that our Facebook is finally receiving updates directly from Twitter and we made a forum under construction we do not plan to open up for months. MoonGold will be available in 6 languages: German, French, Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese.

It's time to enjoy vacation and get fresh forces for the New Year. Whole JOYCOT Team wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy upcoming New Year, but we would also like to announce our new talented artist, NinJaco. Welcome to JOYCOT my friend! Give a look to his deviantART gallery here, he has some nice skills. We have already started a Beat 'Em Up game. So yeah, that was pretty much a short entry, we'll keep working next year. Thanks everyone who followed our updates on Twitter for the whole past year!

New engines and upcoming site

2010-11-29 16:54:09 by JOYCOT

First of, I would like to apologize for the huge lack of attention to our blog. It has been a couple of busy weeks for the team, however, we had never forgot about JOYCOT. During the last month we started developing a couple of new engines, I could mention a platformer and graphic adventure game so far. Thanks to this we can not only keep working with MoonGold (which it gets boring work continuously on such a huge project). I could hint we could use the platformer engine next months since it's the most developed from those. Furthermore, we fixed several performance problems from MoonGold and coded some pretty much all bullets stuff. It's just about time and dedication finish with that game.

JOYCOT's site is being built right now. We made some good design despite it's simplicity, we just need to build it to make it out home page. We have planned a monthly comic, our games and forum among others. Right now we're working on the design of our logo.

New widget... Oh my mistake!

2010-10-27 19:24:24 by JOYCOT

Hey fellas, we're back writing a new entry today. We worked on that new Kazami clock widget you can actually see in the sidebar, it's nice isn't it? It basically tells your current machine time and walks randomly with some funny faces (it distracted me several times while writing this entry). A better version will be uploaded when it's completely done and we will probably make it also downloadable for anyone who would like to use it. We also recorded how the sprites were done this time, check out the video.

I'll like to remind Kazami Chichinabo is actually JOYCOT's mascot and main character of MoonGold, the game we're currently working on. In other hand, we had been on deviantART "begging" for points. Sounds wrong but it's because we want make an art contest to have some fanart and spread the word about the game when it comes out. It will be a great chance to giveaway some subscription and games. We had also started making sketches of our future website which includes some interesting sections. Currently, we're reorganizing from the beginning every MoonGold file... We're pretty disordered (main fault why is taking this game so much).

Twenty days later...

2010-10-08 20:33:35 by JOYCOT

It has been three weeks since our last entry was published. Team has been working trying out new kind of game styles. These prototypes are simple, dirty made and full of glitches... We tried to make a similar copy of "Hang-On" by SEGA and "Burger Time" by Data East, however, now I'm absolutely sure these kind of games are actually possible in Flash with effort (specially with Hang-On). JOYCOT has just been making Shot 'em Up games for the last two years, all our games were just pretty simple tests. We made several changes to the blog, we had finally updated our favicon and header... It was about time! A new Formspring account has been also created, you can ask us quick questions with their widget itself we recently added. Finally we decided to place the categories widget to the sidebar once again. This weekend we plan to replace the MikuClock with something original featured by Kazami and few cats. Who knows, our featured video may also change for something that is actually ours soon.

Today I'm going to show you the first actual boss we had ever designed for MoonGold. It's a female octopus that resides inside a conch. We haven't named her yet. You're supposed to defeat her at the first level, second phase (underwater). We can't provide much information about it since she has not been implanted in-game yet but we plan to add 5 skills to her. Just take a look to some of these while we work on it.